Guarantee Your Child’s Success In Studies With These Vastu Tips For Study Room

Vastu Tips For Study Room. The wall in front of the study table should not be empty at least a painting or a calendar should hang.

Study Room Vastu Supercharge Tips For Success In Studies

Keep the study table at least 3-4 inches away from wall.

Guarantee Your Child’s Success In Studies With These Vastu Tips For Study Room. Vastu tips to get success in studies if followed properly the. Vastu Tips for Study Room. Do not place the book-shelves on the Eastern wall and not above the study table in front.

The colors according to Vastu. The ideal direction to study is the north-east. Never place the study table directly facing a toilet or bathroom.

Place good and motivating thoughts as photo frames in the study room. Vastu Tips to Create an Effective Enviornment in Study Room. As per Gurujis Saral Vastu Principles.

Avoid setting up the study table or study area in a place which has a beam running directly above it. Ensure that the study table is not cluttered with heaps of books. Decor of the study room – The study room must be decorated with pictures that depict nature such as flowing waters flora and fauna forests mountains etc as this would boost up their creativity and help them get new ideas to work upon.

It is best to study and learn with your back to the East but those pursuing higher education can do so with your back to the North. Eshan door is very best for children study room. And when we leave our school days well behind we never stop learning and rising.

Moreover one should avoid the use of colors black and blue in rugs bedsheets wallpapers as it may develop negative emotions in a child. As per Vastu shastra for the study room mirrors should not be placed in your childs room because it is known to attract negative vibes and hamper the growth of your child. These colors brighten the space and avoid mood swings.

A lifetime pursuit is an education. Good lights in the room ensure a good flow of. Positive thoughts create a positive environment for study.

This helps to create good mood for study. Wherever the study tables you place ensure that it complies with Vastu rules to get the best results for their efforts in studies. The door leads to study room should be at correct places.

Have your child face North direction while studying. This ensures the clarity of mind. The ventilation should be proper.

Vastu Tips For Students To Perform Better In Academics. Vastu will help turn students who are mediocre yet hard-working into high achievements. A study room should not be below the toilet or under a beam stair.

The room to be chosen for study should be in the East North or the North-East direction of the house. Place a soothing painting or poster with soothing effect. Hang some inspirational posters or ideas in the wall in front of study table.

There should be open space in the study room as it helps proper flow of cosmic energy. The walls of study room should be painted in light and soothing colors. North direction improves concentration and keeps his mind positive and.

The door of the study room should also be in east or north direction. The study room should be in the houses east north or northeast corner. Vastu Tips for Study table to Get Success in Studies Read More.

These directions improve the absorption power. Avoid using dark colors for the study room. A wooden chair is best with a slight cotton cushion.

Ensure that your child sleeps with his head towards East or South. Most noteworthy maximum ability can be reached and it is possible to uncover laten. Ensure that there is no reflection of mirrors on the books at the time of study.

For the childrens room shades of light green or light yellow works the best. Make sure that the student faces East or North while studying. This may in turn increase the pressure of study on your kids.

Vastu tips for childrens study area. Now days in each and every house study table is a vital part either in childrens room or having a separate study room. There should not be a window directly in front of the study table.

Check that your child is not studying while seated under a light fixture. Keep east and north walls light while south and west walls can have cupboard or storage cabinets for books. A gap in front of the student signifies open space and new ideas come to mind.

A square or rectangular-shaped study table is ideal for children. It is advised that the study area of the child should always be clutter-free and should always be neat and clean. Avoid round study tables.

It will encourage your child to study better. Some Study Room Vastu Tips for Students to Focus on their Studies. Vastu for Childrens Study Table.

Weights should not be placed at Northeast Northeast vastu corner if so study cannot go smooth. If you have a room in the west east or north direction use it to be the room for your children. Know the best direction to increase concentration of children According to vastu shastra to keep the bookcase the.

It is best to place a picture or painting of books or a library in the study room. The study table should be square or rectangular in shape and clear quartz can be kept on the table to enhance the childs concentration. Guarantee Your Childs Success In Studies With These Vastu Tips For Study Room By Pooja Dara 6 Min Read We all know how important it is to ensure that.

There should not be any restriction on the air light in the study room in the house.

Study Room Vastu Tips Which Can Guarantee Your Child S Success

Vastu For Study Room Important Vastu Tips For Study Room


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