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Verify the list of local requirements each planning authority can require read more about local and national. Guidance on pre-application consultation.

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The aim of our pre-application service is to provide responsive consistent and timely advice that de-risks the application process and reduces the time taken to deal with your application through the formal decision making stage.

Pre application advice. Your email is required to include the following information and ideally titled under the following headings to ensure a fuller. We offer a pre-application advice. Pre-application advice is encouraged as it can.

Pre-application advice should ensure that you are using the correct planning form and submitting the correct drawings. The type of permit you need for example if its a standard rules permit a mobile plant permit for waste activities or a. This includes anything from building.

However if advice given at pre-application stage is not reflected in your application we will not normally negotiate further. Making a planning application can be complex and challenging. Reduce the likelihood of submitting invalid applications Help you understand how planning policies and other requirements affect your.

The Council welcomes and encourages discussion before those proposing development submit an application for planning permission. The Authority will endeavour to provide a written response within 21 days or another timescale that may be agreed with the applicant. How applicants and local planning authorities should discuss proposals before a planning application.

Should you wish to contact Planning for pre-application planning advice relative to a specific site it is hoped to encourage all such enquiries to be made in the first instance by email. Written Pre-application advice can provide a number of benefits to both the developer and Council. It is often a good idea to get advice from a planning officer before you submit an application.

Many people are unsure how to apply and want to make sure they do not waste their time and money. Preparing for your pre-application advice. Depending on the nature of your proposal and the particular Local Planning Authority LPA the advice could be provided at a meeting or may just be in writing.

Guidance to help developers follow the law on consulting about major developments. Our pre-application advice service is available if you are considering any development and would like advice before submitting a planning application. You can get free basic pre-application advice on.

Reduction in the overall application processing times. Before submitting a planning application we strongly recommend that you use the Pre-application advice service. Reduction in time delays caused by requests for design amendments and further information.

Pre-application advice can be obtained through completion of a pre-application form which can either be completed on a computer or by hand. Before meeting a planning officer be ready to describe your proposal by. Increased certainty about the outcome of an application.

Pre-application advice can really help in preparing your proposal for formal submission and may highlight issues with it at an early. Likewise you may even discover that your project falls under permitted development and that you dont need to submit a planning application at all. The Pre-application Advice Protocol is similar to the service provided by other Lincolnshire districts that have also recently begun charging for pre-application advice.

We offer a pre-application advice service to anyone wanting help with a development before the submission of a planning application. Pre-application advice is optional so you dont have to use it. Discussing the principle of the development.

Discussing issues such as.

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