South West Facing House Vastu Tips

In a west-facing house the childrens room can be planned in the south west or north-west areas whereas the guest room can be in the north-west. The males may have wrong thoughts and may attract to.

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Avoid these Designs for West-Facing Homesaccording to Vastu Shastra.

South West Facing House Vastu Tips. In the south direction install Mangala Yantra as one of the effective south facing house vastu remedies. Remedies for Vastu Dosh in South West Facing House Vastu Plan Direction. Keep the Rahu Yantra on the South West Wall Corner.

Asmentioned above avoid positioning the entrancemain door in the 7 th8 th or 9 th pada of the home. Place a Water Fountain in Your Home. Since the past couple of decades South facing houses has got.

Avoid Extension in South West Zones. The trick is to use these said colors in the right amount for the overall design without overusing or overdoing it. Use of Red Color.

Since this may increase the chances of people tripping ensure that this area is well-lit at all times. On the outside of your house use red colour in order to please Mars which rules the South direction. Ensure Correct Placement of Water Tank.

Also one needs to pay attention to the numbers of doors and windows inside the house they should be even in number Choose the colour red colour in the south yellow in south-southwest and peach or pink in south-west. Their chastity will be affected. Provide a huge water body at the northeast to help premises in attracting the positive flow of cosmic rays from Ishanya corner.

Vastu experts also prescribe building a threshold at the entrance. Leave more open space in the northeast zone of the plot while making a construction. The walls in South and West must be thicker and higher than East and North.

At the entrance if you have an empty wall you can place a statue or a picture of Ganesha. Ensure Your Home Slopes Towards the North East. Keep Heavy Materials in the Right Place.

If this direction is extended the girls will cross limits and leave the house. Inwest-facing homes the kitchen should never be positioned in the south-west ofthe house. Since it is a south-west facing house a counter direction ie northeast should be improved to counterbalance the negative impact.

Avoid using green or brown colors to paint the façade of a West facing house. South facing house is considered as a second option for people who are looking forward to purchase a home for themselves. Today we will learn the actual facts and features associate with south facing house vastu from eminent vastu expert Mr Pinaki Pal.

West Facing House Vastu What To Follow 9 Tips Locate the entrance in 3 rd 4 th 5 th or 6 th pada in West. Also this entrance gate which must be the largest in the whole house should open inwards in a clockwise manner in a south-facing house Vastu plan. For west-facing house vastu the south and west sides should be a little thicker and higher than the east and north side.

Follow all the directed locations for the specific places of your house. Avoid making a garden or placing plants in the West or North West. According to the Vastu rules brown red and orange work the best for a south-facing home.

Vastu Tips for South West Facing House. Make the walls in South and West thicker and higher than North and East. Avoid borewell in the South-West direction.

Strictly avoid making a staircase as per Vastu in the North or North East. How to build South-West Facing Plot home House building According to Vastu Shastravastu vastutips vastuforhome vastushastra vastutipsforsouthwestzon. The suspicions and myths that surrounds it is what arises these doubts.

Remedies for Kitchen in the South West. This will improve the Vaastu strength of the plot. You can also use 1 st and 2 nd padas if you want.

Provide the slope of the plot towards the northeast. Those who live in these houses South-west facing houses will have more enemies. If the South Face region is damaged and there is no space to keep the yantra one may keep Rahu Yantra in the Pooja RoomMeditation Room.

Leave minimum space at the southwest zone of the plot while making a construction. The water storage system should be located in the Eastern or Northern part at the back of your house. South Facing House Vastu What to Do 10 Tips Make sure to have the entrance or main door on 4 th pada or step.

Find Vastu remedies for south west entrance flat and Vastu tips for so. This video talk about Vastu for South West facing house whether they are good or bad. South facing houses can lead a person to immense prosperity and fame.

Vastu Remedy for Bathroom in the South West. Create Space in the North East Zone. The only thing that you need to take care of is the vastu of your house.

Keep equal space on the south-east and north-west zone of the plot while making home constructions. According to Vastu puja room and living room should be in the north-east of the house as it is the most auspicious corner. Never place the kitchen in the North East or North Vastu directions.

Extension in the southwest zone of the house is strictly prohibited in such houses as it gives extra room for negativity to flow. Place the kitchen in SE or NW of the house. Enemies will be always very active and powerful.

According to west facing house vastu tips constructing a borewell in North-East direction can help improve the energy of the house. Vastu tips for position of rooms in a west-facing house. Open spaces should be avoided in the southwest direction of such houses.

It is believed more windows in the north and east direction help to balance energy flow. Given that the colors are dark choices its best to opt for lighter shades of your choice. Every direction for a house facing is auspicious if you follow the rules as stated in vastu shastra with proper guidance.

Read More- Vastu Tips For House. Avoidpurchasing a plot that is elevated higher in the north than the south. There are many other vastu tips for southwest facing houses.

If the space after utilizing 4 th step seems less then you can use 3 rd 2 nd and 1 st.

Want To Correctly Locate The Entrance Of Your West Facing House Here S An Infographic That Ll Tell You How To West Facing House Vastu Shastra How To Plan

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